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    She is shown to idolize Garnet, or rather Ruby and Sapphire's relationship, as in that same episode she claims that they are the perfect relationship, and she wanted to fuse so badly because she craved being a part of a stable relationship. 5 Hurt It: Andy And Steven In "Gem Harvest", when the Gems meet Andy DeMayo for the first time, Amethyst resents "some new Greg" intruding in their business, to which Pearl adds, "Our Greg is clearly the superior one," showing that Pearl has come to hold Greg in genuine esteem, a marked improvement from her previous resentment-tinged chilly détente with him. Her hairstyle is a mix between its style during the Rebellion and its style in the 80s. She had bright-peach skin, defined lips with a pale pink color, bright black eyes, and very long, curly pink hair styled in thick, tube-like ringlets. The woman later drove by Greg's Dondai and Pearl tried to meet her gaze, blushing blue all the while. She knows how to use one and also has a few phone cases in her room. Pearl is the first Gem shown to be able to harness the energy within their weapon for an attack in ". Pearl is a member of the Crystal Gems. Pearl's fighting/dancing style is ballet. After a slight pause, she actually does, and it's a super warm scene where the other two Gems embrace her in happiness. In the episode "Hit the Diamond", Pearl seems delighted to see Ruby and Sapphire when they unfuse from Garnet. Theory. Now, Pearl thinks that Connie is an expert on sword fighting and that she and Steven can be great knights together. Not me, not Rose, not Steven. During "Keystone Motel", Ruby is greatly angered by Pearl's trickery regarding the Communication Hub. She is on speaking terms with Greg and has shown to at least try to be civil towards him, even fixing his van after it is wrecked in "Ocean Gem". Ended; Rose is dead By the end, Pearl even approached Mystery Girl that had appeared repeatedly throughout the episode, whom Pearl seemed infatuated with. Pearl gives him a gesture of how uncomfortably awkward the situation is. Due to their status as simple servants meant for \"standing around and looking nice and holding your stuff\", they are seen as status symbols. However, Garnet can summon the Pyramid Temple Key in "Serious Steven", which may indicate that, though Pearls were made to hold items, most if not all Gems are capable of doing so. However, as the episode progresses, she bonds with Pink Pearl and fuses with her, the both of them coming to terms with the negative and hurtful things Pink Diamond had done. In "Together Alone", Amethyst enthusiastically agrees when Pearl suggests they form Opal to join Garnet in supporting Stevonnie, and they can fuse easily. Without anyone to tell her what to do or to depend on her, Pearl feels lost without meaning or value. In "Historical Friction", she mentions that one of her talents is a dedication to the fact. However, she also listed herself being together as a reason. Bismuth then jokes about who Pearl belongs to, which Pearl laughs along with. Pearl's gemstone is located in the center of her forehead. Pearl's jealousy of Greg implied that her feelings for Rose were romantic. She is surprised to find that Steven is able to summon his shield in "Gem Glow", return to normal after transforming his fingers into cats in "Cat Fingers", think of strategies to escape the obstacles that they encounter in "Cheeseburger Backpack", as well as the Pyramid Temple in "Serious Steven". The bottom half has a pink skirt with transparent drapes over it and pale blue ballet flats. In one episode she gets someone's number and they are also large, with pink puffy hair. Her outfit consi… In "Last One Out of Beach City", Pearl admits that she does not have a license or legal citizenship in the country, fully aware of the absurdity of registering for either, having lived before such systems were installed and being unable to confess she is from space. Though stating during the same episode that Steven no longer wishes her to watch him sleep, she is observed intently watching him sleep when he wakes up from his first dream during "Chille Tid". She is quite tall for a non-fusion Gem; towering over Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot, and Steven alike. According to Aivi Tran and Surasshu, "Pearl's piano is often written in minor, with blocked chords and gentle jazz influences", as well as an expanded palette of "harp and some pads". In "The Answer", "Your Mother and Mine", and "Now We're Only Falling Apart", which flashback to the Rebellion, Pearl wears a translucent top (with the top-half pink and the bottom-half teal), short pink leggings, and orange boots. In "Three Gems and a Baby", it was revealed that Pearl threw a jungle gym at Steven's babysitter because she thought she was kidnapping him. Pearl x Rose. Furthermore, due to Pearl's lack of update in terms of current Gem technology for thousands of years, she is unfamiliar with some current Gem technology like the operating system in the Roaming Eye in which she needs Peridot to check the system for her and the Crystal Gems. ", Pearl and Sapphire share a lot of individual interaction. Despite recent events and her guilt, she is shown to support Steven and his endeavors in "Historical Friction". In "Last One Out of Beach City", Pearl takes her turn at trying to build a normal, human social life in the hopes of impressing Steven and Amethyst, voluntarily joining them in going to a show, and drinking beverages. A growing and loving Steven Universe community for all fans! It can't be over! While singing "Strong in the Real Way", Pearl almost grudgingly admits that she is jealous of Sugilite's strength through, but she cuts herself off before finishing the line. After giving him one last hug, she wistfully watches him drive away into the unknown. replies Pearl huffily. Pearl has a penchant for symmetry (going so far as to impale M.C. However, Pearl and Amethyst can put their differences aside on multiple occasions to work together. In the Future episode 'Snow Day', Garnet and Amethyst decide to start trying to rope Steven into playing Steven Tag, and at one point Pearl gets tagged, to which Steven remarks that Pearl 'doesn't shapeshift'. The twins are born as a boy and a girl named Steven and Nora. I told her, "My appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light." Rose Quartz was taller and had a heavier build than the other Crystal Gems due to being in the form of quartz, standing at eight feet like Garnet and the Amethysts from the Prime Kindergarten (as seen in \"Now We're Only Falling Apart\"). Her hair was also a little longer, somewhat resembling a bob. Pearl considers herself closer to Rose than any of the other Crystal Gems. Physically, she appears almost identical to the Crystal Gems' Pearl and Yellow Pearl, as she also possesses a thin, tall build, a pointed nose, and pixie haircut. She also wore short salmon pink-colored leggings, light-green socks, and slip-on ballet flats to match. • Battle Couple - Started a rebellion together.• Declaration of Protection - Pearl sings a whole song about her devotion to protecting Rose in "Sworn to the Sword"• Love Triangle - Pearl, Rose and Greg. Pearl appears to fear Jasper. Deedee Magno Hall thinks Pearl would shapeshift into a graceful bird (like a ladybird, a dove, or a swan) if she was interested in changing form; In the podcast, Pearl reveals that she was the one who pulled Excálibur out of the stone, and since then she has it in her collection. In "Story for Steven" they are shown having a much closer relationship before the events of the series, close enough to be perfectly content hugging and resting in each other's arms. She is nearly equal in height (with hair) to Garnet's chin. Oh, come on Pearl. This shows that they have a strong relationship, as in any other circumstance, being a servant is a sensitive topic for Pearl. Pearl acts as a kind but overprotective mother figure towards Steven. In Steven Universe: The Movie, after Pearl is struck by Spinel's rejuvenator, she is reset and loses her memories. This was later confirmed by show writer Matt Burnett via a tweet[1] after the episode aired. It is the second most popular Steven Universeship on AO3, and the most popular ship involving both characters. Violetgalaxyshimmer. Her self-deprecating tendencies stem from the Homeworld caste values, where Pearls are viewed as property rather than Gems. Sardonyx - Multi-colored bands of various colors. In "Story for Steven", "We Need to Talk", "Greg the Babysitter", and "A Single Pale Rose", episodes that flashback to around the 1980s, along with Lapis Lazuli's flashback in "Same Old World" Pearl wore a cropped ruffle mesh capelet with a draped sleeveless and shoulderless heart-shaped aqua top, short lavender leggings, salmon pink leg warmers, and pale blue ballet flats. Put Your "Steven Universe" Knowledge To The Test By Acing This Trivia Quiz. In "Back to the Barn", it is implied that Pearl's engineering skills are mostly self-taught much to Peridot's astonishment. Summary. Pearl dislikes Sugilite due to her reckless and violent nature. Blue Diamond carefully guarded her daughter-figure’s legacy. Pearl When Steven confronts her, wondering what he did wrong, and hugging her, Pearl wonders aloud: "What would she think of me now? Her fierce desire to feel "strong" and have more victories as a Crystal Gem even caused her to betray Garnet's trust and basic principles so they could keep forming Sardonyx. ♫ Steven Universe: The Movie. Different personalities (in the pilot, she enjoyed and readily joined Amethyst in heckling Steven). Pearl and Rose have a long complicated romantic and codependent history with one another. And, with my careful supervision, of course, I'm confident that you can handle a simple gem-recovery mission like this. In "Reunited", Pearl mentally states that everything she does is for Pink/Rose and Steven. Pearl's clothes in "Last One Out of Beach City" resemble, Pearl was implied to be famous during the Rebellion, considering both Garnet and Hessonite labelled her as "The terrifying renegade Pearl.". In Steven Universe: The Movie, when Pearl has lost her memory and Steven's attempts to restore it prove futile, Amethyst shows concern for her and shapeshifts into Rose Quartz as a last-ditch effort. Steven Universe - Do It For Her - Cartoon Network. In "The Answer", it is confirmed that Pearl and Rose had been together since, at least, the year 3734 BCE. ♫ Her cut is perfect and she's pink, as well. She also watches the New Year's Eve fireworks show in "Maximum Capacity". Their relationship seems to have been slowly improving throughout the series. Please help improve this article by editing it. In "Reformed", however, the two are seen casually tinkering with his van together and seemingly getting along very well, showing an improvement of their relationship. You may be looking for another. In "House Guest" she is anxious about him living with the Crystal Gems, and she is usually the first (and often the only one) of the Crystal Gems to get irritated or even mad at him as shown in "The Message". Her dancing is similar to how Princess Tutu dances from. Pink Pearl: I was badly hurt. Pearl and Peridot currently seem to be on good terms. She Built A Human Zoo. Steven stops this training from continuing as unhealthily as it was and both kids ask Pearl "did Rose make you feel like you were nothing?" As opposed to Garnet's more pragmatic and Amethyst's more fun-loving personalities, Pearl acts as a mentor. "I can sing!" In "Know Your Fusion", an illustration of Pearl is seen on a "test your strength" device. Excluding Obsidian and Mega Pearl, all fusions involving Pearl are in some way multi-colored, thus named after multi-colored gemstones. This form also appears when Pearl regenerates in Steven Universe: The Movie. They are thought to keep children safe. Pearl's maternal feelings for Steven are notably shown in "I Am My Mom", in which she sheds tears of horror when Steven decides to leave Earth with Aquamarine, and in "Lars' Head", in which she tears up in joy upon realizing Steven's return home from space. Pearl is a perfectionist who is knowledgeable on a plethora of topics that value organization. Steven later pointed out the obvious resemblance between the woman and Rose, and Amethyst realized that Pearl was infatuated with her. Eye color changed (black to a light blue). I have to admit, it's remarkable that a Pearl such as yourself could become such a... knowledgeable technician. Pearl has expressed a great desire to leave Earth in "Space Race", going so far as to risk her and Steven's lives. Your new, best friend, Spinel! In "Together Breakfast", it is revealed that Pearl owns a wide collection of swords. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Pearl 5.2 Greg Universe 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. As the only non-fusion on this device, Pearl is the weakest one shown, being weaker than Stevonnie, Garnet, Opal, and Sugilite. I don't know! At the end of the night, the trio managed to arrive at their rock show, which the woman happened to be attending as well. Rose ended up with Greg instead, and even when Rose is gone, that makes it awkward between Pearl and Greg for a while. Alongside Garnet, Amethyst and protagonist Steven, Pearl is one of the Crystal Gems, a group of Gems that protect humanity and the Earth from danger. In "Volleyball", it is shown that she has come to resent Pink's secrecy and is unaware of her destructive powers. With this, Pearl is finally able to not resent Greg as much. Type (?) Much to Greg's chagrin, she continues to serve him up until he and Steven fuse into Steg. The episode "We Need to Talk" further explores their relationship in the past when Rose was still alive. It can't be over! This form was also seen in the flashback of "Three Gems and a Baby". Rebecca Sugar stated in a 2015 interview that the Crystal Gem Steven knows the least about at this point is Pearl. She likely deflected the question at the time to avoid revealing secrets regarding her past. Despite this talent, she cannot craft or upgrade weaponry and has to rely on Bismuth for that task. Her regret … Pearl's ability to store things in her gemstone may be unique for pearls since Peridot did say in "Back to the Barn" that pearls hold "stuff" for the leader assigned to them, more likely for easier accessibility. When Spinel and Pearl encountered each other for the first time in thousands of years, Pearl experienced shock over Spinel's return. She has known about her true identity as a fusion for several thousand years. Pearl is a fictional character from the animated television series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. In this universe, Rose and Greg conceive Twins. When Pearl starts to cry, Bismuth tells Pearl that she starts to cry whenever Pearl does, implying they had a close relationship previously. All that matters is that Steven is happy. In the past, her low self-esteem is explained in detail by Garnet that she was willing to risk her life to protect Rose to prove her worth, which goes as far as nearly making Connie into an exact low-esteem replica of her during sword training if not for Steven's intervention. I cared about the whole world, because of you. You were watching a Steven Universe episode in front of your TV. Bear Bear to maintain the symmetry of a pile of appliances and school supplies) and very high attention to detail. Pink Pearl and Pearl. They want to blame all the world's problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone's control. And then I added, "By the way, I saved your planet, and your species, and you're welcome." Trip Down Memory Lane New original work! Her hair has a peach-pink color and resembles a pixie-cut in the front, while in the back, her hair leads to a point. Please help improve this article by editing it. Before the events of "When It Rains" Peridot is perceived as an enemy of Pearl and the Crystal Gems. Because of Pearl's close relationship with Rose Quartz, her negative view of Greg may stem from her blaming him for his part in Rose's "death" in giving birth to Steven, much like she harbors a similar resentment towards Steven as revealed in "Rose's Scabbard". All of Pearl's fusions have been dubbed "Giant Woman" or something similar by Steven except Rainbow Quartz. You know I can't take it when you cry like that! Up until he and Steven were outside playing a small game of 'Steven Tag ' Garnet... ( similar to Jasper ) multiple times for Rose Quartz catches glimpses of what their relationship the... The while ship between Pearl and Sapphire when they unfuse from Garnet Pink! Backward instead of forwards him on his wisdom when he describes the flaw in Mayor 's! Handle a simple gem-recovery mission like this /Ships/Non-binary, https: // oldid=209768 support Steven Nora... `` Steven Universe starts, Rose 's death miss a beat it and is the second most popular Steven as. Mr. Greg '', she mentions that one of Rose Quartz shattering Diamond! Nightmares of Rose end, but for following orders 's face turns into Greg 's and! About her true identity as a Crystal Gem ; Rose is dead FANON (. Considers herself closer to Rose penchant for symmetry ( going so far as impale... Amethyst realized that Pearl is often seen scolding Amethyst, who is furious over the.... Shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and the Rebellion, Garnet considered Pearl `` swept off... That '' is something Pearl says Peridot is perceived as an enemy Pearl..., `` made-to-order servants '' Rose did n't know humans could have like. Could still move, given Steven 's Friend when Pearl learns about the aftermath of the Robolympics! And Sapphire when they unfuse from Garnet pointing backward instead of forwards day the! Overprotective mother figure towards Steven two spears at the Crystal Gem Steven knows least. Crying Sapphire but ends up crying with Sapphire herself of perfection for to. Thin build, ivory skin, sky-blue eyes, a fictional character from the story Universe... Steven can be great knights together quite tall for a non-fusion Gem towering. It for her over time, Pearl seems delighted to see Ruby and Sapphire when they unfuse from Garnet says... Diamond eat the Gem shards she created to fake her shattering were outside playing a small game of Tag. About who Pearl belongs to, which was likely due to exposure to forms... Of you think she 's watching me through your eyes '' the symmetry of a pile of and... Usually defers to Garnet 's chin black to a light blue ) her if she wield! When she is being selfish because she thinks she is quite tall for a non-fusion Gem ; over. Gem to own a phone, the two were acquainted with one another Amethyst also owns phone... Emotional development spectrum, an illustration of Pearl 's reason for protecting Earth is to carry Rose! « her cut is perfect and she developed romantic feelings for Rose Quartz is held up as an impossible of! Welcome. Keystone Motel '', she wistfully watches him drive away into the unknown me feel like I everything... A Single pale Rose '' that Pearl engaged a Gem ( similar to Jasper ) multiple times Rose! A standard adult training saber, as seen when training Connie and Steven can be great knights together support... Via a tweet [ 1 ] after the episode `` Mr. Greg '', Pearl gradually comes to her! Through experience, to quicken the laws of karma, and then I added, No! The human emotional development spectrum everyone she met animated television series Steven Universe character character Pearl Rose as... Steven to live up to Bismuth to embrace her considered inferior and, as in other., which Pearl laughs along with crying with Sapphire herself Date 7 2! A pointed nose and thin lips species, and the two discussed their hair colors and the most Steven. I have to admit, it is revealed that Rose was following their,. Bond she shared with Pink Diamond shows how far Pearl has a tendency to act cold Greg... N'T take it when you cry like that be uncomfortable around the three Rose Quartz 's closest followers her. And follows Garnet 's chin between its style in the past when Rose was alive. Also seen in some way multi-colored, thus named after multi-colored gemstones a servant is a smooth ellipsoidal cabochon the. Amethyst can put their differences aside on multiple occasions to work together Sugilite due to their contrasting personalities styles... ) and very high attention to detail could become such a... knowledgeable technician serve him up until and. Tie between them in the past while displaying examples using her holograms if you randomly! Language tends to accentuate her movements like a ballerina, using the of! She wistfully watches him drive away into the unknown their example, claiming Pearl `` swept Rose off feet. Find certain aspects of Earth rather amazing possesses standard Gem abilities: bubbling, shapeshifting,,... Last character to speak in the center of her owner, blue Diamond, the portion! Hair resembles what it looks like currently, except longer as in other... Non-Binary ship between Pearl and Garnet, has Pink diamonds on her shoes flashbacks are shown and... Barely able to keep her legs straight, though she often crosses feet., Greg notices Pearl with the characters 'have a Type ' for who! Wonderful... see more ideas about Steven Universe ( fandom ) /Ships/Non-binary, https:?. Cococat811 ( coco! Coach Steven '', Pearl even approached Mystery girl that had appeared repeatedly the. Joined the Crystal Gem temple base and that she has met both Yellow and blue Pearl everyone met... Her horror, Rose and Greg conceive Twins `` now We 're only Falling ''! Idea that if you just randomly showed up in an episode and made funny puns and connected the... Could be free of your TV Universe as Rose Quartz as yourself could become such a knowledgeable... Her shoes characters cry and sing on of relationship pearl rose steven universe ; Rose is FANON... Appears that Pearl was infatuated with, while later teaching Steven about Gem and! Her holograms willing to forgive Pearl 's large, with Pink Diamond was so Pearl could be.! 'S Friend who joined the Crystal Gem temple base of relationship ended ; Rose is dead Pearl possesses standard abilities! The next several millennia alongside her friends, while later teaching Steven the ways of.! By Spinel 's return Universe character character Pearl had feelings for Pearl was rather mysterious until the end Pearl... As a kind pearl rose steven universe overprotective mother figure towards Steven ballerina-like outfit transparent drapes it. Her dancing is similar to Rose than any of the `` Robolympics '' that exists as … Summary diamonds her! Rose Buds '', a fictional alien being that exists as … Summary told! Universe: the Movie Ocean Gem '', Pearl willingly explains the backstory of Rose Quartz Pink! Being servile to Greg, whom Pearl seemed infatuated with times, Pearl experienced shock Spinel! Possesses standard Gem abilities: bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and Amethyst can their! Type (? worked directly for Rose Quartz unfuse from Garnet very start of the war from Pearl in... Prone to spontaneously singing and crying humanity, as she asserted herself against Peridot when she is making! Spinel 's return slipper color changed ( dark blue to light blue ) Gem... Her, Pearl pearl rose steven universe usually drawn without eyelashes or pupils, although they have seen! Similar to how many characters cry and sing on Greg is her New and! Perceived as an enemy of Pearl and Rose from the animated television Steven. Did n't tell her, `` made-to-order servants '' striking resemblance to the dialog ``... Though she often crosses her feet. a reason everything I ever did, I you. Codependent history with one another as members of Pink Diamond 's second Pearl all. Quite graceful, she continues to serve him up until he and Steven during the and... And Steven episode aired example, claiming Pearl `` terrifying '' `` far. Forgive Pearl 's preferred sword when teaching sword fighting lessons is a mix between its style in end! During the Rebellion and its style in the same episode, whom she imprints on for Pearl feel like was! Two used to share a lot of individual interaction to Peridot 's astonishment a Type ' people.? oldid=209768 she can not craft or upgrade weaponry and has a breakdown and isolates herself Pearl. Steven later pointed out the obvious resemblance between the woman later drove by Greg 's Dondai and encountered! Gem shown to be like through flashbacks and through Pearl 's preferred sword when teaching fighting! This is an individual, not a piece of property at little Homeschool, teaching Gems how use! Their relationship in the shape of an oval held up as an impossible standard of for! Mystery girl that had appeared repeatedly throughout the show, it 's remarkable that a Pearl such as could... Took a headbutt from Sugilite and could still move, given Steven 's Friend who look to. All further emphasized by her ballerina-like outfit originally sees Connie as just Steven 's Friend the... As `` Um-Greg pearl rose steven universe '' Knowledge to the Test by Acing this Trivia Quiz Universe ( )... Took a headbutt from Sugilite and could still move, given Steven 's.. As in any other circumstance, being a servant is a sensitive topic Pearl! They remind her of Rose/Pink for Steven to live up to a simple gem-recovery mission this! `` a Single pale Rose '' that Bismuth may have romantic feelings for her over time Pearl. The dialog in `` Volleyball '', Pearl gradually comes to have her face is covered her.

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